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Miercurea Ciuc
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Harghita County
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Suggestions and complaints sheet
Customer satisfaction questionnaire
Corporate social responsability
Complained product
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Object of the complaint



Problems caused to the customer / description - if applicable
Non-compliance is


Claimed quantity
The frequency of the problem at to the customer

Complaint handling

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By the completion of the following questionnaire you can share with us your opinion regarding the products and services of our company.

Your opinion is important for us and will be taken into account in order to increase our clients` satisfaction degree.

Filled by

The visual identity of the company. Layout and information displayed on the company's website :
Range of products sold and related services provided by the company:
The presentation of the products (design, colour, labeling, packaging):
The quality of the products sold by the company:
Information and documents related to the products sold and the services provided by the company (conformity certificates, certificates of origin, declarations of conformity):
The ratio of price to quality of products sold and the services provided by the company:
Conditions and terms of delivery (delivery rate, timeliness of delivery):
Information and documents relating to the transport and delivery of the sold products :
The management of claims made on products sold and services provided by the company (the term and the modality of solving the complaints, availability of company personnel in the handling of complaints):
The professionalism of the sales team (information regarding the company's products, presentation of general terms and conditions, registration and filling orders, execution of contractual obligations, commercial relationship management):
Clarity and consistency of commercial communication :
The certifications made under international standards (ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 si 45001:2018) regarding the company represents an essential criteria for the performance of trade relations between your company and company Harplast?
Is Harplast among the companies that you recommend for the establishment of trade relations and business ?
Which are the reasons you would recommend the company Harplast for?
Which are the areas and aspects that should be improved at the company Harplast to ensure greater customer satisfaction?
What are your recommendations for the improvement of the company's activity in waste management and environmental protection?
Our team
Erdős-Kedves Sándor
Member of the board/Chief Executive Officer
Bajkó Miklós sen.
Chairman of the board/Main shareholder
Bajkó Miklós jr.
Member of the board/Commercial Manager
Sales Department
Chinez-Pál Emese
Sales Manager
Sándor Dalma
Sales Assistant
Lőrincz Bernadett
Sales Coordinator
Becze Andrea
Silviu Drăghici
Sales Manager
Kolumbán Árpád
Sales Representative
Szávuly Mihály-Zsolt
Sales Assistant
Acquisition and Logistics Department
Dávid László
Logistics Manager
Chiș Péter
Logistics Assistant
Technical, Quality Department and Project Management
Benedek Gyula
Quality Systems Manager
Keresztes Lóránd
Technical director
Szopos Zsolt
Project Manager

Your vision, Our quality
One partnership
Miercurea Ciuc
Harghita Street no. 69
Harghita County
Tel.: 0040 266371468
0040 266371536
0040 266371713
Fax: 0040 266371242

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